Case 2: A 44-year old male

March 2011
Case study 2: A 44-year old male patient, 185 cm tall
with a body mass index of 28.6 kg/m2
Cardiovascular risk factors identified:
  • Known hypertension - blood pressure fluctuating around 140/100 mmHg
  • Smoker until two years ago (approximately 40 pack years)
  • Moderate alcohol consumption, occasionally moderate physical exercise (jogging, swimming)
  • Regular snoring;
  • No significant family history of cardiovascular disease
Treatment approach:

The patient was already being treated for hypertension sporadically using beta-blockers, which have now been stopped following abnormal fatigue and orthostatism.

Diagnoses following intial tests (see table 8 - March):
  • Essential arterial hypertension grade I, impaired fasting glucose, suspected non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), mild hyperuricemia, vitamin D defiency, metabolic syndrome
  • Risk for a fatal cardiovascular event according to SCORE (www.heartscore .org): 1 percent in 10 years. The risk for fatal cardiovascular disease is low in absolute terms due to the young age of the patient, but it is still four times higher than it could be in this age group.
  • Treatment targets according to ESC, ESH and EAS: blood pressure less than 140/90 mmHg; LDL cholesterol less than 115 mg/dl (2.98mmol/l).

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