Knowledge test

Test your knowledge with the below 11 questions.
To pass the module and achieve accreditation, you must answer at least 6 out of 11 correctly on your first attempt.

1. From the list below identify five of the main modifiable risk factors of CVD?

2. Which of these risk estimation tools can predict a person’s lifetime risk of developing a cardiovascular event?

3. Which is a central blood lipid target for CVD prevention?

4. Name three dietary components that are emphasized for their ability to lower serum cholesterol

5. Which kind of dietary fibre has been associated to a specific and significant LDL-cholesterol effect?

6. What is the mechanism of action of plant sterols/stanols?

7. What is the approximate recommended daily intake of plant sterols/stanols to actively reduce LDL-cholesterol by 7-12%?

8. The EAS/ESC recommend the daily consumption of food with added plant sterols/stanols as an effective way to lower LDL-cholesterol levels. Which patients are most likely to benefit from the use of foods containing plant sterols/stanols? (More than one answer may be correct)

9. Are there benefits from using plant sterols/stanols in combination with a statin?

10. From the list below identify three lifestyle options that can help in reducing CVD risk

11. Which dietary advice would you give to your patients? (More than one answer may be correct)