Soy protein in a nutshell

Soybean and soy-derived products represent a healthy way to obtain vegetable proteins and add variety when moving towards a more plant-based diet.

According to scientific evidence and as also stated in the ESC/EAS guidelines, soy protein has a modest LDL-cholesterol lowering effect (3-4%) when replacing animal protein foods2,4,8. Nevertheless, soy foods can be a valid substitute for foods rich in animal protein and high in saturated fats.

Although the LDL-cholesterol lowering effect of soy protein is modest, including soybean and soy-derived products in the daily diet can be taken into account as one of the possible options for managing elevated LDL-cholesterol levels.

REMEMBER: Soy protein modestly lowers LDL-cholesterol and may be an alternative for foods high in animal protein. Soy-based foods can be consumed as part of a plant-based diet.